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Several scale aircraft, designated Avro 707, were produced to test and refine the delta wing design principles.

The Vulcan B.1 was first delivered to the RAF in 1956; deliveries of the improved Vulcan B.2 started in 1960.

Four of Stearns assistants left with him and other resignations are expected, it was reported.First of the three to leave was Harry Toulmin Jr., chairman of the board, who resigned a month ago.Brown and Stearns did not explain the circumstances involved but it was understood that the management was not satisfied with their part in getting the Tucker car into production.The B.2 featured more powerful engines, a larger wing, an improved electrical system and electronic countermeasures (ECM); many were modified to accept the Blue Steel missile.As a part of the V-force, the Vulcan was the backbone of the United Kingdom's airborne nuclear deterrent during much of the Cold War.

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