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According to recent statistics, the LGBT community makes up roughly 5% of the American population, but where are all the Lesbian singles?Unless gay bars are your thing, dating is a game of guess and check; knowing who is gay, let alone who is single and interested in more than friendship, can be quite a challenge."ALWAYS introduce your own queerness into the conversation and watch how they respond," said Melissa."Talk about your ex girlfriend, or some woman you had a crush on. If you're interested in this person, you have to let them know that the romance door is open to them." "I kind of flirt flirt flirt flirt, maybe touch an arm while they laugh at my joke, and always pay attention to their response," said Melissa. If they're not, don't fool yourself that they are." Although Melissa is aware that it isn't safe for everyone, she believes that, "the first step toward having healthy queer relationships is coming out." If you can be open in your environment, be open!

” If her answer is Oh My God I’m Totally Shane with a cocky head-jerk... How To Spot - Usually darting from group to group in the gay bar, these girls seem to know and love everyone.If you are bisexual, the expectation would be that you list yourself as bisexual, even if you do not have that requirement for a potential match.The principle is no different when listing whether you smoke or drink.” "The nice thing about being a lady asking out ladies is that going out for coffee can just be going out for coffee as friends if they're not into you," said Melissa."The bad thing about being a lady asking out ladies is that going out for coffee can be misinterpreted as going out for coffee only as friends." So what should you do?

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