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Donald Trump has repeatedly compared the risks of dating to serving in war. I tell my sons just to get a nice girlfriend and be happy, because it's dangerous out there. "You'd see the top models in the world getting screwed on tables in the middle of the dance floor," said Trump.

In 1993, Trump, who received multiple draft deferments, told Howard Stern if you are dating, "you're the equivalent of a soldier going over to Vietnam." In 1997, he told Stern that dating was his "own personal Vietnam." In 2004, Trump adapted his comparison to modern times, updating his reference by likening dating to serving in Iraq. "You would see things you just don't see today primarily because of AIDS and other diseases. You'd see the most beautiful women in the world, the most beautiful people in the world. They were great years, but that was pre-AIDS, and you could do things in those days that today you're at risk doing.

Asked why he left it as late as 13 March to issue a definitive statement that war was lawful, he said that was when the military had sought a "yes or no" answer.

'Reasonable case'The military deserved an "unequivocal" judgement on the legality of its action before troops went into battle, he said, although in the past such statements had not been needed. They weren't to be put in the position of being sent off, maybe it is, maybe it isn't lawful'.

Over the six hours in which he faced questioning, he went to great lengths to lay out the full sequence of events that ultimately led to his final legal advice in March 2003.

He did not feel there had been inconsistencies in his evolving views, nor did he believe that the political pressure on the government had weighed on him.

Each would also have a photojournalist to record what was seen. We added a videographer to each team, and made arrangements to add an Iraqi archaeologist to each team if that proved possible.

All team members would travel as journalists under the Society's aegis. Wilkinson for the northern team, Elizabeth Stone for the southern team, and Mc Guire Gibson for his helicopter survey follow.

As the probability of conflict increased, late in 2002, all researchers concerned with Iraq, all researchers remembered attacks on museums and sites in the early 1990s after the first Gulf War.

The initial plan was to create two teams, one to go to northern Iraq and one to go to southern Iraq.

Each team would have two experts with knowledge of archaeological sites and research in their respective area.

Trump was speaking to Playboy magazine about dating in the age of AIDS when he made the comment. Then, an hour later, you'd see them making love right in front of you. 'Trump added he was dating "a million" models at the time.

"Was there a time when you worried about AIDS because of all you'd done?

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Also I am of the belief that whenever you enter a relationship you should always be hoping that it lasts forever and that one day it will lead to marriage, right?

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