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This chimp can also reveal that councillor Malcolm is terrified at the prospect of his political opponents raking up his sleazy past now that several of former associates have either swapped sides or are waiting for the right moment to pay back councillor Malcolm for the way he stabbed them in the back.When Mr Monkey first revealed councillor Malcolm’s alledged ballot rigging activities a member of the public was so disgusted by this affront to democracy, he wrote to Stephen Hepburn (the MP for Jarrow) to complain about councillor Malcolm’s ballot rigging exploits.Tied to our table while we shared iced tea (Tanya) and coffee (me), Nico (shame on me - I forgot to offer him a drink!) spent most of his time mingling quietly with Tanya's legs.I did this for my own play-through, just thought I’d share. – Changes the conditions of the perk to prevent the player from intimidating a target who is already fighting, or already fighting the player.Sidenote: npcs who have detected the player can still be intimidated, just as long as they’re not already hostile and attempting to kill you.Tamarins live together in groups of up to 40 members consisting of one or more families.More frequently, though, groups are composed of just three to nine members.

– Reduces the maximum range of the intimidate ability by well over half, as intimidating an opponent who would only hear you if you yelled didn’t make a lot of sense (as all their friends would too).

He'll even be heading to Brazil with her in the not so distant future.

Cote D'Ivoire, by the by, is where Tanya almost got pooped on. Fortunately, Nico stayed home for this one and was spared the near pooping upon experience.

Stranger #8, who I met at Cafe Fanny in North Berkeley, specifically asked me not to refer to her as "Tanya: The Girl Who Almost Got Shit On." So I'm not going to do it. Referring to someone as "Tanya: The Girl Who Almost Got Shit On" (or GWAGSO for short) would not only be unprofessional and ungentlemanly, but also fit only for the playground of an elementary school or as the working title for a Will Ferrell movie. Not only did one of Cafe Fanny's employees come outside specifically to meet him, but a woman with what seemed like a German accent approached Tanya to see if it was okay to take some up close and personal glamour shots of him.

Although he resisted my attempts to pat him due to an unsolved case of shyness, he garnered quite a bit of attention.

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