Dating and relationship reality television series

Kourtney graduated from Mary Mount High School in Los Angeles in 1998.

After two years at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, she transferred to the University of Arizona, Tucson where she received her Bachelor's degree.

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You don't need to be a skating fan to be entertained by the exciting, funny and heartfelt journey of one of Canada's most beloved couples.

is a half-hour documentary series that goes behind closed doors and into the day-to-day lives of Canada's irresistible duo.

With all-inclusive access never before given by Canadian figure skaters at this level, we'll go behind the scenes as their incredible story unfolds.

In 2003, Kourtney's father, Robert, died of esophageal cancer.

Thanks to her reality shows, audiences have been privy to the ups and downs of Kourtney's relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Scott Disick. During the filming of , the couple split temporarily.

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I love the Chris, Leanne & Megan trio - this is just drama.

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