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But Kane hit a crisis point after a close friend and ex-boyfriend died in 2011.His passing prompted her to start reexamining everything in her life, including how she’d been relating to the people in it.This year, my husband David and I will mark 27 years of being happily married. And am I completely unselfish in my regard for him? After all, what if he were to come home one day and say, “Sunada, I met a new woman and we love each other very much.” A completely other-regarding response would be, “I’m happy for you! So does that make me a bad, overly-attached Buddhist? First of all, let’s clarify what the Buddha said about sexual relationships.He said that a man and a woman in a loving, supportive relationship are like a pairing of a god and a goddess. It turns out the Buddha encouraged people to engage in relationships and enjoy them to their full extent.These would be magnified many times when faced with calamities.Knowing the frailties of human nature, the Buddha did, in one of His precepts, advise His followers of refrain from committing adultery or sexual misconduct.This world of created forms, and as yet uncreated potential is always changing.As we enter it, we change, and eventually pass through it, to the beyond.

All you need is to become aware of some techniques to incorporate in your day-to-day.

If love is the presence, the sacred consciousness, the Divine expansiveness, is it possible to subtract from it, remove from it, and delete it from your consciousness? True love does not require a vehicle for its fulfillment or expression. Consciousness as the created form, or the potentiation of thoughts, fills the universal ether.

This immediately creates an existential loneliness, which can never be entirely filled until it (the creation) is no longer separate from the formlessness of Divine consciousness. This is the suffering part of dukkha – the separation from God.

Does loving someone deeply by definition mean we’re attached to them?

Sunada doesn’t see these ideas as contradictory, and explores what an enlightened relationship might look like. If he were to die tomorrow, of course I would be devastated.

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The Buddha realized that one of the main causes of man's downfall is his involvement with other women (Parabhava Sutta).

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